Learning and adapting in a changing world

Storytel, together with Women in Tech, is hosting an inspiring digital meetup where we will focus on how we work at Storytel in a changing world.
As a fast growing, global company in an ever-changing world it’s in our DNA to constantly adapt and renew. Both when it comes to welcoming new coworkers and building a strong culture and sense of belonging in a work-from-home daily routine, but also when it comes to living up to consumers expectations on how to deliver great stories to be consumed anywhere, anytime by anyone.
Emma Lindgren, Crew coach, will talk about how Storytel made a digital conference for 600 people feel like we were all next to each other – learning, laughing and crying together. She will talk about how Storytel adapted to be fully digital in a Corona-world and how we work with maintaining motivation and a strong sense of culture during the pandemic. How can you work with self-leadership for continuous development? How can you be flexible and find new ways of working?
Josefin Gullbrandsson, Global Digital Growth Manager, will talk about how Storytel learns and adapts to our customers’ preferences through A/B-testing. In this session you’ll learn the importance of experimentation and testing, why it’s key to success and how Storytel is building and growing their experimentation engine.
Hope that you will join us online for a digital event full of inspiring Women in Tech!
Please sign up by registering using the link below.