Nasdaq’s Ongoing Transformation During the Pandemic

Online session, hosted by Women in Tech and Nasdaq.
The pandemic this year has resulted in many companies, departments and teams across the world to reposition, and rethink how they work on a day to day basis and also reimagining how the future of work could look. Join us to hear from different women from within Nasdaq Sweden to learn more about how we have embarked on further transforming the ways in which we work and operate.

We will be joined by Gunilla Hellqvist, Senior Vice President European Market Operations, Nasdaq, who’s opening up the forum about Nasdaq’s journey through the pandemic and how we’ve fostered engagement while working remotely.
Rebecka Wulfing, Corporate Communications Specialist, Nasdaq, who will talk about communication and building relationships with clients and the ever-growing role of social media.
Louise Ramstedt, Product Manager, Nasdaq Clearing Technology, sharing insights on adapting cloud technology.
Sandra Hesselbom, Head of People Partners EMEA, on ways of working and the future of work.