Nargis Rahimi

Nargis Rahimi is a Co-founder of Shifo Foundation and Founder, CEO of Laprica. Nargis has been working at the World Health Organization during 2020-2021 with global strategy development. Her dream is to live in a world where every child can thrive. She founded Laprica, a social enterprise, to equip parents with evidence based knowledge, practical and successful tools and strategies to help them in their most important and difficult journey – raising their children.

When families purchase the on-line parenting programme, they enable Laprica to support families and children in marginalized communities! 

Nargis has been recognised for her work and awarded:

  • The best social entrepreneur in Sweden by Ashoka
  • Digital inspirer by CIO Awards 
  • European Union Women Innovator by EU Research and Innovation Programme
  • Atlas award for her contribution to research that could significantly impact people’s lives. 

Watch Nargi’s speech here