Regina Nkemchor

Regina is a software engineer at IKEA IT AB. She is the founder of OpenKids Africa, a non-profit organization using open educational resources to teach children in rural African communities digital skills. She is the first African elected and re-elected to the GNOME Foundation board. She is a governing member and vice president of the board of directors at the GNOME Foundation. She is helping to strengthen the GNOME project by driving diversity initiatives and strategy. She is a maintainer of the GNOME Africa project. She has 11 years of experience working with databases and Linux projects in IT. Regina holds an MS in informatics. She has an interest in improving diversity in open-source communities; hence, her talks are centered around diversity and open-source sustainability. She has spoken at and participated in conferences like GUADEC, FOSS Backstage, Linux Foundation events, Linux App Summit, OSCA, and more. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and sightseeing.