Sarah Ouakim

Sarah is the Nordic Lead for Ventures and Open Innovation at Accenture with a decade of experience as a founder/co-founder, strategic business lead and operational leader in Tech Startups within among other technology AI and XR with a special focus on B2B, B2C and D2C. Before launching into the startup ecosystem, Sarah spent nearly a decade in Business Development and Strategic Leadership in the Online Advertising industry, E-commerce and HR/Talent services. Her experience spans the width of most industries including leading several projects in conversational AI, speaking assignments on Ethical AI and the latest as Strategic Metaverse and AI Advisor in Education, Health, HR and Retail.

With dual degrees in Humanities & Social Sciences, Social Anthropology as well as an Executive Business Degree, she started programming in her mid-teens, fueled by an interest in machine learning, gaming and virtual reality. She’s a passionate champion and a frequent mentor of women in technology, entrepreneurship, economic independence and access to education.