The State of Women In Tech 2023: Positive Progress and Persistent Challenges

It is finally here! The State of Women In Tech 2023 – our report summarizing what our members feel, think and say about the tech industry and their presence in it.

The comprehensive report is based on a survey conducted among our members, shedding light on the experiences and perspectives of women and non-binary working in the tech sector. And, it’s positive – we’re making progress.

According to the survey findings, an encouraging 93% of respondents expressed a positive affinity towards their work in the tech industry. The report highlights that the primary driving force for women and non-binary to pursue careers in tech is the desire and opportunity to actively shape the future through their work. 

Persistent challenges in the work environment

Despite the overall positive sentiment, the survey also revealed a concerning trend. Approximately 63% of respondents reported experiencing differential treatment due to their gender, with a significant majority describing these encounters as negative. One prominent aspect of such differential treatment was the expectation for women to engage in invisible work within their workplaces, contributing to an unequal and burdensome work environment.

Highlighting the significance of these findings, Elin Eriksson, Director of Women In Tech Sweden, emphasizes: “If tech really is the smartest industry, we need to look at the facts – diversity, equality and inclusion leads to higher profitability. So let’s treat this question as we would with any other business-critical area – let’s commit, act, and measure”. 

A major shift in retention

The report also reveals a positive shift for retention within the tech industry. In 2018,  our survey indicated that 40% of respondents had considered leaving the tech sector due to the lack of perceived improvements in the industry’s culture. This number has then been consistent over the years. However, in 2023, only 20% of members expressed intentions to leave, reflecting a significant improvement in the industry’s ability to retain talented women.

“It is heartening to see that our efforts to improve the industry’s culture are bearing fruit, since we’re reaching almost 10 years of existing as an organization. However, we cannot become complacent. The tech industry must continue to prioritize diversity and work collectively towards creating inclusive environments where everyone can thrive”, says Elin Eriksson. 

Representation matters

The report also identifies increased representation of women in teams and leadership positions as one of the community’s biggest wishes for the future. Respondents expressed a strong desire for increased diversity within their organizations, recognizing the benefits it brings in terms of business outcome.

“Empowering women and providing them with equal opportunities is for sure about principles and fairness about fairness – but most of all a crucial factor for the continued growth and success of the tech industry. Increasing representation at all levels of leadership and fostering diverse teams will lead to more inclusive and impactful outcomes – and not to forget: Build better products for the future as more diverse teams build less biased products”, says Siri Andersson-Melin, the CMO of Women In Tech Sweden.



Find and read the full report here.