TOOLKIT: Rewrite The Code

We love sharing what’s going on in other organizations working with the same mission as us – and now we have a fabulous reason to do it once again. Earlier in September, our friends over at Women In Tech Göteborg launched their toolkit for increased DEI in tech – and we couldn’t be more excited to help them spread it. It is named ‘Rewrite The Code’ and this first version is in beta, which obviously means there is more to come.

The toolkit aims to raise awareness about challenges in the tech sector, using our report ‘The State of Women In Tech 2023’ among other sources, and offers knowledge to identify and address the persisting challenges within workspace inclusion. It also helps create knowledge about unconscious bias or invisible norms to remove any individual shame about being excluded.

“We know that many people in our industry want it to be a place where everyone can thrive but don’t know what needs to change or what steps to take,” says Alexandra Hegmann, Project Lead and Women in Tech Gothenburg volunteer in a statement on their website. “With this initiative, we can drive awareness and help leaders and changemakers take the relevant actions.”